Christmas Gifts and Crochet Snowflakes

Hello again!

Although the Christmas has come and gone and we’re in 2014 already, I’d like to share some of the projects I was busy with. I was crocheting up a storm! Absolutely wonderful when you decide to get into the festive spirit 4 days beforehand and still have to start/complete (?!) 2 projects, but I decided to crochet snowflakes as Christmas tree decorations!

I found a few patterns from library books, and they’re really easy to do in less than an hour each. Most stick to the same design – 5 or more arms with lots of loops and chain stitches.

I used my #10 cotton in white with a 1.5mm hook, and used leftover thin red wool to act as a hanger.

Christmas snowflakes3

I chose 4 simple snowflake patterns and completed them all in one sitting before washing and stretching (literally the afternoon before Christmas! Eeek!). Pity I don’t have a photo of the ironing board standing in the garden with 4 snowflakes stretched with pins, it looked weird :-P.

Christmas snowflakes5

Here they are all in a row. I love how the geometry of snowflakes is so appealing!

Christmas snowflakes4

Here you can see the red wool hanger clearly. I just chose a spot on one of the arms and made a Lark’s Head knot. My original plan was to use the red wool as a border for the snowflakes, but try crocheting that into 4 snowflakes with minimal time and too many chain spaces to fill!


Christmas snowflakes

As mentioned earlier, I was busy with other projects, also destined as gifts, one of which I’ll share with you.

I made an oval doilie/placemat in a beautiful burgundy colour. The burgundy cotton was destined to be part of a slingbag, but I decided it would work great with this new pattern! You can see I’ve just started crocheting, busy on the 3rd row. My work is resting on a pattern book in French. I had just been travelling overseas and managed to get my hands on a copy of the Diana crochet magazine in Belgium. I was itching to try out all the patterns inside and I couldn’t resist an oval doilie!

Oval Doily 1

I had previously made myself this doilie but had forgotten two rows and ended up with a bit of a strange design. Nonetheless, I liked the pattern so much (and so did the gift recipient when she saw it on my table) I decided to make another one. The one on the left is my original and the one on right is the new one in progress.

Oval Doily 2

Needless to say all my crochet gifts were well-received (Yay!). And my hands were relieved to have a break let me tell you! Verdict: well worth the effort!

I’ll keep posting about previous crochet items I’ve completed and the fascinating stories behind them, as well as the projects I’m busy with. Leave a comment or ask me a question if you’d like, I’ll happily indulge my love of crochet with you!

Until then, have a great week!


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