Mini Minions!

Frank and Stein Intro

The madness of crocheted Minions continues! I’ve been playing around with different minion sizes and colours, et voila! Mini minions!

I use Elle Natural 100% Cotton DK because it’s such wonderful cotton to crochet with.

I started out with this sweet little minion in yellow and blue, and gave him a wonderful smile.

Meet Frank!

Meet Frank

Isn’t he such a handsome chap?! And he’s tiny – barely 15 cm tall!

I managed to find an easier and faster way of putting everything together and having less ends to sew in. I crochet half of the body from the head down and include the goggles strap, and then crochet the pants bottom up. I then sew them together like two halves of an egg and just before I close and fill with stuffing. I eliminate the loose ends by crocheting directly over them with the next row, so it saves me countless hours with a needle painstakingly sewing each end in.

I’ve also decided not to sew the eyes on until the last minute – it’s very easy to put them on skew, and create a slightly odd-looking minion.

However, I just HAD to try to crochet a purple minion! It took me a loooong time to create his hair but he looks awesome and devilish!

Meet Stein!

Meet Stein

He looks just like the purple minion in Despicable Me 2! And apparently has the same attitude…but still very cute!

I created a half circle for his mouth and sewed the teeth on haphazardly as I went a long and they turned out perfect! 🙂

Stein Teeth

Stein is also about the same size as Frank, and has long droopy arms. I wanted to make one eye bigger and puffed out to give him a really crazy look, but maybe that’s another idea for the next minion.

You can also see how Stein loves his hair styles and ensure that his hair matches his emotions!

Stein Hairstyles

The introduction of the two minions was a bit troubling at first, with Stein starring Frank down and giving the evil eye. I had hoped they would get along quicker and made sure to monitor their interactions closely!

Frank and Stein Meeting

But after eyeing each other out and Frank being his usual happy self they came to an agreement to tolerate each other.

And they fit in so nicely with the whole family too, and Mike is quite pleased with extra siblings 🙂

Minion Family

So, I’m glad to have introduced you to Frank and Stein. FrankenStein. Haha! I couldn’t resist the names 🙂




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