ZigZag Purple Pillow Case

Ever since I crocheted my first pillowcase (see Blue Pillow Case) I’ve wanted to experiment with various stitches and colours and anything that will look great with crochet. This is one of the few ideas on my “to-do” list and I’m so glad it works well with my obsession with colour!

A Purple ZigZag Pillow Case!


I chose my favourite colour PURPLE and decided to use 3 shades creating a zigzag pattern. I used the colours in such a way so that from afar they blend in to each other. And they just look awesome 😛

Side note: If you’re interested in the pattern, do a google search and you’ll find hundreds of tutorials and images explaining how to create zigzags – it is really simple to learn and quick to master!

ZigZag 1

The zigzag stitch is creating peaks and troughs by increasing and decreasing stitches. You can lengthen and shorten your zigzags by adding or removing stitches in the middle straight sections of the zigzag.

The problem with the zigzag pattern is deciding how large/wide you need your item to be, and for my pillowcase I would create a tubular shape to fit around a pillow.

ZigZag Stitch

I must have pulled out my work at least 7 times (after having done many rounds) just to get the size right. The zigzags don’t translate into a similar size as you would have with a straight piece. Even worse, it’s not just a matter of decreasing slightly here or there to get the shape right – you have to change the zigzag pattern and change all of them.

Luckily after a few days of fretting about whether this project would materialize I managed to get the size just right and now it fits around my pillow. Steep learning curve that one!

ZigZag Pillow Case in progress 1

The colourful stitch markers were added to help me figure out where each zigzag needed to be and to count them.

So I’m slowly but surely adding rows of wonderful PURPLE colour and it’s turning out to be a very soft pillowcase :-). The rows also take quite a lot of wool (more than 10 meters per row! EEEK!) so I hope I have enough of all the colours to finish the project! I’ll update this post with the progress made and when it’s finished.

We shall have to crochet and see!


Update (14 March 2014)

After much ado, and figuring out that these zigzags are A LOT of work (almost drove me to tears!), the Purple ZigZag Pillow Case is also finished!

The zigzag take a lot of wool and it was frustrating to see how slowly each round went, which meant it took super long to get to the desired size! But I think next time I do a zigzag stitch I won’t use the same colour scheme – I used my medium purple much more than the light and dark purple. I went light/medium/dark/medium/light – the medium purple gets used twice as often. If I ever want to do another pillowcase or blanket like this I’ll have to stick to a straightforward light/medium/dark scheme so that I don’t run out of wool! I almost did!


ZigZag Pattern


To finish off the pillow case I had to crochet a straight edge, so I used a combination of stitches.

Start on the top part of the zigzag: slip stitch, single crochet, single crochet, half treble, treble, treble, half treble, single crochet, single crochet, slip stitch.

That creates your straight edge. Then do a last round of half trebles and fasten off.


I then sewed a purple zip in et voila! Finito! And it looks great 🙂



Not only is it super soft the colour scheme with the zigzags are divine!

I’m definitely making more pillow cases in the near future with different designs and textures – such as this Ruffle pillow from Redheart or an Owl Pillow from Jo’s Crocheteria – such wonderful ideas! What do you think?!



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