Minion Monday Blues

All that can be heard is a grunt and a scrap of feet…dragging across the floor…into the kitchen…and a bleary-eyed purple minion making a cup of coffee.

Monday Blues Coffee 2

It is Monday morning, and in Stein’s world, this is not a fun morning. He had such a busy weekend terrorising the other minions, the cats, the dogs, the birds and even the trees. No energy is left after such a fun weekend. Stein wishes Monday morning would not exist.

He drags himself to the laptop, but can barely stand, so decides to take a nap. Minions need naps. Well, purple terrorising Minions do – terrorising is hard work!

Monday Blues Head Laptop

Caffeine is slooooowly starting to kick in, so Stein makes his way to the front of the laptop so he can work and plan his next weekend of terrorisation. But alas! The coffee has not kicked in enough!

Monday Blues Lying on Laptop

Monday morning is clearly getting off to a slow start, so a second cup of coffee is in order!

Monday Blues Coffee 1 Flipped

Now the planning begins in earnest! Two cups of coffee down, eyes open, and many many many ideas to terrorize unsuspecting victims with. Stein is now happy, this is how Mondays should start. 🙂


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