The Minion Documentaries – Bath Time!

The Minions like to start their day early so that there are plenty hours to explore. So, a visit to the bathroom is in order!

Clean teeth means healthy teeth, means happy teeth for chomping bananas. Mike has brushing teeth down to an art form as is evident by his big smile 🙂


Mike with Toothbrush

Frank has also just mastered the toothbrush, though still struggles with using the toothpaste. We haven’t shown you a photo of this because Frank doesn’t want people to know he’s still not able to put the toothpaste on the brush properly, but he was absolutely filled with pride that he could use a toothbrush for the first time!


Frank with Toothbrush

Next up was Stein and…oh dear. This did not start out well. Even holding the toothbrush seemed tough. As for the placement, we will need to work on that.


Stein with Toothbrush 1

Stein gave it a second try, with a little assistance, but he still preferred his tried and tested manner of letting out a loud roar and putting things in his hair. And then walking off, with said toothbrush still in his hair.


Stein with Toothbrush 2

We may have to remove the toothpaste from his vicinity until he’s capable, as toothpaste + hair = not something I want to deal with!

After all the commotion and rinsing mouths, it’s time to say good morning to our other inhabitants: the Duckies!

The Duckies have been around for quite some time and enjoyed their little home on the windowsill in the bathroom. They get beautiful warm sun on their backs in the morning and a great bath in the evening with loads of bubble bath! Great Grandma duck herself used to feature in her own Duckumentary, who knows if these duckies shall follow in her footsteps?


The Duckies

The Minions say hello to the duckies every morning with a big hug and spend some time with their feathered friends. Stein loves chatting to the duckies and apparently can speak the language of Quack!


Frank with Duckies

The big ducks are quite the crowd in the bathroom! There’s Cow duck, Pirate Duck, Rock ‘n Roll duck, Angel duck, Ninja duck and Doctor duck.


Big Duckies

Stein, however nice he tries to be, tends to scare the duckies away with his loud roar. But he’s known to terrorise most living creatures, so we shall have to see how this turns out.


Stein with Duckies

There are also quite a number of small duckies residing in the bathroom, and they tend to get lost. Nonetheless, they all have their unique personalities and tend to create a lot of drama at dress up parties!

There’s Nurse duck, Red Valentine duck, Batman duck, Black Valentine duck, Count Duckula and King duck. You can just imagine the chaos when these little duckies put on a Shakespearean play, especially with Count Duckula trying to bite everyone and Batman duck trying to be heroic!


Small Duckies

So now that the Minions have brushed their teeth and said hello to their feathered friends, it’s time for some exploring!

Stay tuned to find out what next Mike, Frank and Stein the Minions get up to!

Until next time!


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