Beanie Frenzy!

Cat and the Wool has been up to some exciting things the last few weeks! Moving country, new work, and buying new wool! The range of choice here is sometimes overwhelming, but it does get the creative juices flowing. So what do you think I did when I stepped into a little store and saw some luscious wool for a good price? I bought it of course and started a new project 🙂

Magenta Beanie Wool

Ever since I saw the blogpost by Moogly about her beanie pattern and the fact that she has amazing tutorials for all things crochet, I decided a move to colder weather conditions would require keeping my head and ears warm. So, a beanie was created following her pattern!

Beanie train

I’m currently travelling close to 4 hours each day on the train to get to work, so what better way to make time go faster than crochet?! I started with a circle of about 4 chains and then continued with single crochet stitch, increasing each successive round to create the folds.

Beanie Start circle

I kept going until I had approximately 100 stitches and then continued the rows without increasing, so in a sense creating a tube. I’ve figured out that 100 stitches with a 4.0mm hook and double knit yarn is good, thanks to my anonymous beanie tester 🙂

I kept going until I decided it was long enough for my liking. Most of these beanie patterns can be modified in many ways, and even if you’re a beginner it’s a really easy project to start with. I suspect later on I’ll want to attempt using finer wool and add different stitch pattern to create a lighter lacy beanie.

Now the fun begins – Moogly also had a tutorial on how to do ribbing as an edge and create a slightly elastic band. I am so glad it’s so easy to learn and works out beautifully!


I wanted the ribbing band quite wide so I started out with 15 stitches worked perpendicularly to the beanie and the doing single crochet stitch in the back loops only in each row (not in both loops as is the norm). And this is what creates the wonderful ribbing effect! Plus, you do this in a smaller hook size (I used 2.50mm because I don’t have a 3.00mm hook) and if you think you’ve made an item too big/wide, the ribbing gets it to the right size that will still look great and fit perfectly. Trust me, it’s worth the time spent!

Beanie Finished

And as always, the Minions decided to join in the fun! Frank was having a ball of a time in a new woolly “cave”, while Stein thought it would be a great time to nap. Francis the Owl felt the beanie was a superb place to settle down and start a little nest! However, that can’t happen without another little owl, so perhaps one might be on my to-do list… I shall introduce you to The Animals in the Zoo soon!

Panel Beanie & Plushies

I’ll be posting once a week until I get settled here in the north, so click the “follow” button so you can stay up to date with all the fun happenings with a crochet hook and wool. And the Minions of course!

Stay tuned to find out more about the Beanie Frenzy and whether Francis gets a partner!