Bobbled Pencil Case

For a while now I’ve been storing my crochet hooks and needle box and other small sewing goodies in a nondescript black pencil case. But it looks …so….drab…and boring 😦

Since I inherited my mother’s wool I thought it would be a great little project to use up some of the weird colours but to also try out a new stitch – the Bobble stitch.

Starting Chain

I started with chains and a row of single crochet stitches. It took a while to get the length right as I was creating a long rectangle piece that would fold along the upright left. Later I could sew the bottom closed and the side to create the pencil case. Luckily, the pencil case has a zip, so no need to buy a separate zip and attach it!

I’ve been interested in the bobble stitch ever since I saw the photos on a few blogs. The texture is just amazing and I had to try it! So, that involved spending many hours on youtube finding the best way to make them. In the end, picking up the hook and wool and trying it out for myself was the best method 🙂

Bobble pattern: make 4 trebles together and go immediately back to single crochet in the next stitch. For the next row of bobbles, put bobbles in between the other bobbles so that they layer. This is what gives the bobble a 3D look – you create stitches taller than your row and then you sort of squash them = bobble 😛

My pattern consists of staring with a row of single crochet, and then on the next row doing the bobble stitch, with the third row being another single crochet row. You can see this in the 2nd photo of this post, and it allows the bobble to line up and face the same way.

Technically speaking: Work bobbles on the right side of fabric and single crochet on the wrong side.

First two rows of bobble in green and pink, with the back shown.

First two rows of bobble in green and pink, with the back shown.

Now, the colours I used would normally not find their way into my basket. I’m quite fond of rainbow colours but not garish baby pink and light green. Well, the light green is alright. But still.

So this project was more of a test run for a stitch, and I said to myself “if it works out, then I have a good example to refer to for later projects”. And besides, what else was I going to do with the wool? I have previously used it to make test swatches of stitches and to work out patterns – good idea if you have wool that’s not the most appealing.


Pink and Green Wool

And as I went along the bobbles came together to form such a lovely textured pattern!!!

Bobble Spiral 1

Because it was such a small piece with lightweight wool, it tended to curl up as I worked (maybe my tension was too tight?). But I kind of liked this as it looked like a bobbled DNA strand 🙂

Bobble Spiral 2

I continued until I had reached the desired height and added an extra row of single crochet to provide slightly more support for when I attach the wool to the pencil case.

Half way Pink

Then I sewed up one of the sides and closed the bottom. I left the ends of the wool as is instead of sewing them in. Creates a cool fringe!

Outer Cover

I used a sharp sewing needle and a simple under-over-under-over stitch to attach it to the pencil case. Here you can see the pencil case was just very ordinary and boring. In dire need of some colour!

Uncovered Pencil Case

Once I had been all the way around, I checked that it felt secure and sewed off. And then it was finished!!!

Finished Pencil Case

So here’s a nifty little idea for you if you have scraps of wool, or really odd coloured wool that you have no idea what to do with!. I now have a funky pencil case to hold all my crochet goodies, and the texture is lovely to look at and lovely to hold!

Happy hooking!