Rainbow Beanie

Clearly a beanie frenzy has taken over at Cat and the Wool, because I’ve started another beanie! One with super amazing rainbow colours! You can really tell I like rainbows 🙂

I started out exactly the same as for the purple beanie in the previous post, except this time switching colours every second row. It even looks amazing with just 4 colours already!

Circle Start

I had a big stash of Elle premier DK cotton in all the colours of the rainbow so I had to find a few uses for them 😛


I kept going until the hat was the desired width and size, and then switched to a smaller hook for the last few rounds (4.00mm to a 2.5mm – I didn’t have a 3.00mm!). I had initially started out doing a ribbed edge, but decided against it as the beanie looked fine without it.

And then….TAAADAAA!!!


It worked out perfectly! And I’m really getting addicted to them because they are so easy to make! You could take it up a notch and include different stitch patterns, but that’s another blog for another day I think. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up making them colour coded to match my wardrobe?!

The Minions however also thought this rainbow beanie was the coolest thing and decided to have a little fun. Mike and Frank are having a whale of a time, while Stein suspects a beanie would be a perfect place for a nap 😛

Mike with Beanie

Stein and Frank with Beanie

On that note, stay tuned to find out what other crochet creations evolve with the Minions and Cat and the Wool!


Think Bright Colours and Rainbows!

I’ve been so busy lately with crochet projects that I don’t know when I’m going to be able to blog about all of them – and I haven’t even started on items that are already finished! Here’s one of my first super colourful items.

I initially saw this tiny but oh-so-colourful purse on the blog of Sparkle Petal. 

I fell in love with it! I knew I had to make one, just to have all that loveliness of colour. Since I had just visited the wool shop and found a colourful collection of cotton, it was time to get crocheting!

Wool Rainbow Cotton

I followed the instructions as in the tutorial, and started with a magic circle in purple and the first row of trebles.

Rainbow Purse start

I kept on going with the trebles, increasing appropriately to create a flat circle. It was exciting to watch as each row became vibrant! Here you can see how the circle progressed.

Rainbow Purse Strip

And after adding each row in a different colour, the circle was finished! Now to fold it in half to create a purse!

Rainbow Purse Finished

Rainbow Purse

It’s absolutley amazing! I can’t get over how awesome the colours look!

I’m making quite a lot of items requiring zips and lining, this little purse included. So the plan is to complete a few projects and then do the sewing and insertion of zips all in one go. Luckily the tutorial on Sparkle Petal‘s blog has a nifty method for doing the lining zip which will be very useful to me! I’m still deciding what colour lining to use for this rainbow purse!? Red with white polka dots? White and red stripes? What do you think?

Since I bought so much colourful cotton, there is no doubt that many other colourful projects will and have followed … the photo below might just be a little teaser as to what I was busy with next!

Stay tuned for my next blogpost to find out more!

Purse and Pencil Case