Moving Time with Minions!

Cat and the Wool has been super busy prepping all the travel gear and sorting out what to do with shipping boxes. Hence the slightly infrequent blog posts, sorry 😦

Not to worry – the Minions said they would help!

Both Mike, Frank, Stein and even Kitty lent a helping hand!

First – assemble the box according to instructions.


Minions and boxes


Second – test box for durability and stability. Kitty and Frank loved this part and made sure all boxes were ready for packing!


Stein and Kitty

Third – ensure non-helping hands refrain from disrupting activities. Stein apparently did not cooperate with the other Minions and proceeded to smash the boxes and turn them upside down. Frank then noticed a little roll of packing tape nearby…a promptly thought up an ingenious plan!

The tape roll fit perfectly around Stein, and while he wasn’t watching Frank promptly dropped the roll over his head!


Stein and Frank with Tape

Stein was not impressed with this! But what could he do?! His hands were stuck and he couldn’t go anywhere. The only thing left to do was to sit and watch the other Minions do the hard work, and let out a complimentary roar every so often!


Stein and Tape

The Minions have been great with the packing and moving, Cat and the Wool is very happy to have such helpful friends 🙂

We hope the moving process goes smoothly – stay tuned for more updates!